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At Boxes and Blessings,™ you will receive professional, friendly, trained staff with clean trucks and proper moving supplies & equipment.  We protect your items with moving pads and shrink wrap as needed to help ensure that nothing is damaged in the course of your move.  We will also protect your door, banisters, and flooring.   When you choose us you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the highest level of service throughout the entire process.


Residential moves typically refer to moves from one home to another locally. Moves involving storage facilities​ and pods would also be classified as residential moves in particular when, at some stage items, are being moved to or from a residence.


Commercial moves consist of moves conducted for other businesses or organizations. This includes but is not limited offices, churches, warehouses, libraries, factories and schools. Even if your moving from a state or federal institution we can accommodate your needs. Our team is capable of transferring items from one location to the next quickly and in order. Whether your relocation calls for two men or twenty we are more than able to fit your needs.


Onsite moves refer to moves that occur within the same physical address. Basically if you need items moved from one room to another for staging, renovation or decoration purposes our crew will patiently make sure that your items go exactly where you want them to be.

Long Distance

Long distance moves require a set price or flat rate as opposed to an hourly rate for services. The two forms of long distance moves are interstate and intrastate moves. An interstate move by definition is a move that starts in one state and ends in another state. An intrastate move is a move that occurs within the same state but requires over 100 miles of round trip travel. The cost for both an interstate and intrastate move are based upon the weight and/or inventory.

Multiple Stops

Are you moving from a large home to a smaller home or apartment and need to temporarily store some of your items? Are you giving a few items to a family member, friend or neighbor and would like them delivered the day of your move? The are just a examples of what Boxes and Blessings refers to as multiple stop moves. Yes, do them and no, we don’t mind. Simply tell us what you would like to get accomplished and we will be more than happy to assist.


Do you need moving help without the moving truck? Is doesn’t matter if your interested in handling a portion of your move yourself or if you’re a truck driver passing through in need of laborers, we can send you a team of professional to help you load or unload your truck.


Don’t stress it,  bless it!

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