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Moving can be an exciting yet stressful experience.  Our moving organization was formulated in 2015 with the goal of making your move as enjoyable as possible.  By incorporating our 501c3 non-profit organization, we are able to compound the joy of moving with Boxes & Blessings by bringing joy to countless others with your charitable goods.  Remember, “don’t throw your boxes away, bless them away”



Boxes & Blessings is a moving organization providing blessings with every move.  Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of others by providing positive moving experiences as well as by giving to those in genuine need.  We truly believe that “every box is a blessing!”


Mr. Ahmad Rashad Harden started Boxes and Blessings with the desire to help others.  He believes providing an enjoyable moving experience for both his clients and his staff is his duty.  His training techniques include the installation of high values, the importance of integrity at all costs, the benefits of true professionalism and the establishment of a cohesive code of ethics.  While treating his staff with the same love and respect he would like them to exhibit towards others he has discovered that’s exactly what they do.  After all, the same person you shake your fist at in traffic today might be your customer tomorrow. 


Ahmad believes in training his staff to be capable of not only making wise choices at work but also in life.  His philosophy is simple, “There’s no wrong time to do the right thing”.  By mixing this carefully trained staff with moving and packing techniques  Boxes and Blessingsis able to provide their clients with an exceptionally pleasant moving experience.  Ahmad daily preaches the importance of allowing the customer to relax.   Clients have the right to feel comfortable with the moves that are in their home, around their family and entrusted with their possessions. 


Mr. Harden has over 12 collective years in the moving industry.  He has worked as a mover, loader, driver, trainer, consultant, sales manager, and operations manager.  He is a loyal husband, loving father, avid Christian, community activist and prolific poet.  Born in Detroit, Michigan, he is proud to call Nashville, Tennessee his home.  Nothing brings him pleasure more than knowing he has been a blessing in someone else’s life.

Don’t Throw Your Boxes Away, Bless Them Away

Often during the moving process, people run across things that they had forgotten they had and no longer wish to keep, are downsizing or just simply want to purchase newer items that better compliment their new home. Why not let your unwanted items become someone else blessings? When you donate items to Boxes and Blessing we make certain that they go to someone in immediate and genuine need. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we can also provide you with a receipt which you can use during the following year’s tax season. Contact us for further details.


We WORK With…



MAN Up AGAINST BULLYING ™  is a 501c3 non profit organization that gives hope, teaches innovative ways to resolve conflicts, and empowers everyone to embrace their individuality.  MUAB teaches the importance of not bullying, why bullying isn’t cool, what to do if you are being bullied and how to effectively tell someone.  A Portion of the proceeds made from every move conducted by Boxes and Blessings is donated to MUAB in support of their efforts to prevent bullying.


“Once in a Wifetime®


Imagine losing personal items and everything you own:  Did you know that you don’t have to be homeless, displaced, or in a domestic violence situation to help a woman or girl who is?  She Lost Hers, Donate Yours™ is a 501 c 3 not for profit movement that helps women and girls recover their belongings from situations that created a loss. Our company donates funds and delivers purses on behalf of this amazing program.


Operation Stand Down

Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDTN) is a registered 501(c)(3) that focuses on helping all Veterans and their families by engaging, equipping, and empowering them. They offer a wide range of services, including employment assistance, VA benefits assistance, networking, housing, and much more.  Boxes and Blessings proudly supports our troops anyway possible including donating all surplus items to Operation Stand Down.




The National Youth Activist Awards is inspired by students and youth activist who strive to go beyond the call of duty to make sure their communities are a better place to live, while focusing on a better tomorrow for today’s youth. Youth and young adults ages 8 – 27 are nominated by the community and awarded in 11 categories.  Boxes and Blessings is a proud sponsor of the NYAA.


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